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  • COA

    Kathy Hechtlinger

    Council on Accreditation

    I had the pleasure of collaborating with Proactive Insights to implement the Employee Engagement Survey for our organization. The survey is excellent and the insight and suggestions re: leadership and culture were invaluable. Proactive Insights was instrumental in the design of a part 2 follow-up, customized survey that enabled our organization to drill down on engagement drivers. Proactive Insights is creative and customer service oriented and I value their advice.

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    "To tell you the truth I was pretty hesitant about using Proactive Insights at first. But, I'm glad I followed through with it. This all-in-one solution has transformed my company. All of my employees gave critical feedback and ideas in an anonymous yet honest fashion. Just amazing insight!"

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    "I've tried other similar services, yet this one gives the most comprehensive reports, hands down. The 10 employee engagement drivers really opened my eyes to what was going on with my staff. There's no way I would've known this kinda information either without the help of Proactive Insights. You can create surveys in just minutes with their intuitive web-based tools. Now, if you wanna analyze realtime results, from anonymous surveys, then you've gotta give this a try."


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