Xtra|Extended Online Employee Engagement Survey

The Proactive Insights Xtra is an expanded online employee engagement survey that takes about 15 minutes to complete. It drills deep into each of the 10 engagement drivers and uncovers the roots of your problems. With hundreds of dynamic reports, you will be able to measure and analyze details. You will also be provided with automated, intelligent solutions. Built on smart logic, our actionable recommendations are based on your unique engagement scores and situation.

Key Features

Easy Setup

Instant Setup - Anonymous - Simple Interface - Secure - No Tracking - No Cookies. Learn More

Questions That Matter

Expanded Questions that Relate Directly to Performance Outcomes – Option to Leave Narrative Comments - Allowing Employees to Clarify Opinions and Express Themselves. Learn More


Proactive - Powerful - Insightful - Drill Deep - Roll Up - Root Problem Solve. Learn More

Proven Engagement Drivers

Based on 10 Clear and Precise Engagement Drivers. Learn More

Actionable Reports

228 Dynamic Reports - Real Time - Quantitative - Qualitative - Limitless Analysis - Demographics. Learn More

Smart Logic Recommendations

Comprehensive Report Providing Actionable Recommendations Unique to Your Situation. Learn More

Cost Effective

Variable Pricing - Fraction of the Cost When Compared to the Competition. Learn More

Other Features

These FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions and Answers) are designed to provide a better understanding of the survey process. Learn More

Delivering answers to the biggest questions on Employee Engagement. Learn More

Bottom-line impact – Costing over half a trillion dollars a year in lost productivity. Learn More