Xpand|Targeted Surveys – Engagement Driver Specific

The Proactive Insights Xpand is a series of targeted, online employee engagement surveys. Each survey focuses on just one specific engagement driver.

Current Xpand Surveys:
1. Xpand Communication (Opinions Matter) - Click Here
2. Xpand Professional Development (Learn & Grow) - Click Here
3. Xpand Meaningful Work (Progress) - Click Here

Each Xpand survey drills deep into the engagement driver of your choice. Through a series of precise and detailed probing questions, our surveys explore critical areas within each driver that are known to be catalysts for disengagement. With hundreds of dynamic reports, you will be able to measure and analyze details. You will also be provided with a comprehensive general report with actionable recommendations.

Key Features

Easy Setup

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Questions That Matter

Expanded Questions that Relate Directly to One Specific Engagement/Retention Driver – Option to Leave Narrative Comments - Allowing Employees to Clarify Opinions and Express Themselves. Learn More


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Proven Engagement Drivers

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Actionable Reports

Hundreds Dynamic Reports - Real Time - Quantitative - Qualitative - Limitless Analysis - Demographics. Learn More

Cost Effective

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Other Features

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Xpand Surveys

Most work experiences are perceived by employees to be within the control of management. Engagement drivers are the deep down feelings and emotions that employees have about their position, management and organization. They correspond to the deeper needs of the individual and contribute to a state of well-being and increased levels of energy and passion that goes into every action. When organizations manage these drivers and turn them into positive experiences, employees consistently strive to do their best work.

Our current Xpand surveys focus on the specific engagement driver you choose. Each survey is broken down into 10 sections that probe deep into the details and mechanics of that driver. Our open and probing questions will provide direct indications as to how to improve employee engagement. Narrative comments will quickly pinpoint trouble areas. With limitless analysis and a variety of real time reports, you will have the ability to review qualitative, quantitative and demographic results. At the end of the survey process, a comprehensive Employee Engagement General Report is also provided.
Listen to what matters most.

Current Xpand Engagement Surveys

1. Communication (Opinions Matter) - Click Here
Survey Questions that specifically address:

a) Upward Communication
b) Feedback Process
c) Management Messaging
d) Organizational Information Flow Up and Down
e) Open Dialogue
f) Direct Leadership
g) Alternative Input Channels
h) Valuing Diversity
i) The Rumor Mill
j) Alignment and Clarity

2. Professional Development (Learn and Grow) - Click Here
Survey Questions that specifically address:

a) General Environment
b) Policies and Procedures
c) Career Development
d) Coaching and Development
e) Leadership Development
f) Learning Organization
g) Learning Plans
h) Professional Development
i) In-Service Training Sessions
j) Fairness and Consistency

3. Meaningful Work (Progress) - Click Here
Survey Questions that specifically address:

a) Fairness and Consistency
b) Risk Taking
c) Clarity
d) Autonomy
e) Tools and Resources
f) Adequate Time
g) Support
h) Success and Failure
i) Supportive Environment
j) Validation