Kickstart Your Workforce Survey

The revolutionary Kickstart survey employs a powerful, positive approach that garners in advance the aspirations and concerns of active employees especially during these unprecedented times. Due to the current situation we expanded off of the original pillars and concepts from our already groundbreaking “KEEP ME (Stay) Survey” and reworked, added, and improved the content to create the more relevant than ever “Kickstart Your Workforce Survey”; it does not attempt to gauge old and redundant factors like employee entitlement, but instead focuses on taking a proactive stance in gaining insight on employee expectations, goals and issues being faced in the workplace. The Kickstart survey is truly interested on how to keep employees motivated, informed, passionate, appreciated, engaged and of course, wanting to stay.

Proactive Insights’ Kickstart Your Workforce survey is an online employee engagement survey which takes about 15 minutes to complete. Using both weighted and open ended questions pertinent to any workplace and a few extra customized inquiries geared towards the pandemic itself, we created this increasingly timely yet timeless survey; the material drills deep into each of the 10 retention drivers and uncovers how to increase the length of stay and productive passion of your employees regardless of the circumstances. With 224 dynamic reports, you will be able to measure and analyze unique, in-depth yet user-friendly details which are compiled into various charts and tables, as well as having all narrative responses organized for you. For moving forward you will also be provided with a comprehensive report providing recommendations and best practices on How to Keep Your Best Talent from Walking Out the Door.

Key Features

Easy Setup

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Questions That Matter

Determine Positive Stay Features - Triggers that May Cause Employee to Leave - Questionnaires Based on 5 Point Rating Scale - Option to Leave Narrative Comments - Allowing Employees to Clarify Opinions and Express Themselves. Learn More


Proactive - Powerful - Insightful - Learn How to Keep Your Employees Motivated, Informed, Passionate, Appreciated and Wanting to Stay - Drill Deep - Roll Up - Root Problem Solve. Learn More

Proven Engagement Drivers

Based on 10 Clear and Precise Employee Retention Drivers. Learn More

Actionable Reports

224 Dynamic Reports - Real Time - Quantitative - Qualitative - Limitless Analysis - Demographics. Learn More

Employee Retention Report

Comprehensive Report Providing Recommendations and Best Practices on How to Keep Your Best Talent from Walking Out the Door Learn More

Other Features

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Kickstart Survey(formally the Keep Me Survey) Special Report

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The Kickstart Survey(formally the Keep Me Survey)
The Paradigm Shift Explained in Detail

The Kickstart Survey – Before Talent Walks Out the Door

The Problem

Internal Face-To-Face Stay Interviews: The good thing is that they allow management to connect with employees on a more personal level. It gives them an opportunity to show the workforce that they are willing to listen. There is an inherent problem with this though employees tend to be less willing to give their true opinion to a supervisor in a meeting.

Often there is a fear of some form of punishment or retribution for saying anything out of line with the expectations of the bosses. They may not mention the fact that their immediate supervisor is ineffective or that they don't have all the necessary tools to do their job well. They may never mention anything negative at all, and conversely, won't mention what they like either.

The Solution

Third Party Stay Interviews: Outside, third party stay interviews avoid this kind of situation by allowing employees to relax and answer questions honestly without fear of manager retaliation. They tend to be more open and share more of their feelings about every aspect of their job and what makes them want to stay – or what would change their mind and make them want to leave.

The Kickstart Survey is conducted online, providing instant, anonymous results to management. It allows employers to take a proactive approach to retaining talent from a positive point of view. It is based on ten proven engagement drivers for success that are both timeless and universal. Narrative comments give management, the pulse of the company a wake-up call a call to action that must be heeded heeded before it’s too late and key employees leave.

What Makes This Kickstart Survey So Unique?

It is based on extensive research that has defined 10 clear and precise employee retention drivers.

Clarity – Employees want to know what their organization stands for and what goals it wants to accomplish. Knowing what direction the company is headed gives employees the opportunity to help steer toward that goal.

Communication – Communication is critical to employee engagement ideas, and opinions must not only be heard but also acted upon when appropriate. Nothing is worse than feeling like you haven't been listened to and employees want to know that their opinions and thoughts matter.

Proper Tools and Resources – You have to start by asking employees if they have the proper tools, material, equipment and resources to do the best job they can. Actually acting on employee requests for new materials and resources in a timely manner is the rest of the job.

Workplace Wellness - Research proves that employee engagement accelerates in an organization when it demonstrates authentic concern for the wellness and development of every employee. Ask employees for comments, suggestions and ideas about improving the wellness and balance of their workplace – encourage involvement.

Recognition and Appreciation - Recognition reinforces accomplishments, as well as shows the person in a positive light and helps to ensure there will be more achievements. Everyone needs a pat on the back sometimes, be the back patter.

Make Work Fun - Workplace fun has been shown to boost employee morale, lower absenteeism and increase creativity. That doesn't mean it's all fun and games, but it does mean that there is enjoyment and laughter in the workplace.

Opportunities to Learn and Grow – Employees don't want to feel like they are stuck in a deadend job with no opportunities to learn. Focusing on educational opportunities that offer maximum benefit to employees maximizes the ROI for employers.

Freedom to Be Passionate and Creative - People want to work with an organization that taps into their talents, passion, energy and drive. Encouraging employees to express their passion will open up avenues for more creativity and higher engagement.

High-trust Environment - Employees must trust the company and vice versa. Trust is the basis for all good relationships – business and personal. Nothing kills a relationship quicker than being untruthful or purposefully misleading.

Making Progress in One’s Work - When employees are making measurable progress in their job they are much more satisfied. When little or no progress can be made, it tends to create disengagement and other serious problems.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive and Retention Levels Will Increase

Reacting to a key employees resignation letter with an exit interview only tells you what you did wrong with this employee. It's a look into the past, at things that have already happened that cannot be undone. Perhaps the employee felt the supervisor was ineffective or that the number of meetings per week was excessive and took away from her time. At best, you can only take note and try to change it for future employees, or wait until they leave too.

Being reactive to an employee leaving does nothing. You're not going to be able to go back and change anything – the deal's been done and they are already out the door. Being proactive means that you take the time to figure out what it takes to keep your employees happily working for you. It's about asking the questions that matter most to them and then acting on it. It is ALL about ACTION. When you are conducting the Kickstart Survey, you'll keep your finger on the pulse of the company in a way no exit interview could do.

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