Proactive Insights Anonymous Employee Online Suggestion Box Helps Employers Receive Critical Feedback

NEW YORK, NY (February 12, 2020) - A new online software has been launched to help employers understand their team’s concerns.

The Proactive Insights Anonymous Employee Online Suggestion Box aims to help employers understand the problems and concerns about their business. The software will help increase staff retention by keeping morale high. The online software will also allow employees to make suggestions of how to make the business more successful.

A New York-based Proactive Insights who enable Companies and Organizations to achieve optimum success has announced the launch of its latest online feedback software.  Suggestion Box, an online anonymous feedback application allows employees to submit their suggestions and other feedback to employers directly without being identified.

Understanding what employees are thinking and how they feel about their job and the environment they work in is important. Morale is seen as an important ingredient to a business success. If morale in the workplace is low, then productivity could become low resulting in lower profits and the possibility of losing customers. Low morale could also result in a high turnover of employees, which could be costly. That is why it is important to allow team members to provide suggestions without revealing their identity.  Many employees are worried about speaking to their management about concerns they may have in fear of losing their job or missing out on a promotion. That is why it is important to allow employees to provide suggestions without revealing their identity. Proactive Insights Anonymous Employee Online Suggestion Box has become an important tool in allowing a management team to understand their team more and provide a happy working environment. 

Proactive Insights Anonymous Employee Online Suggestion Box is not just a way to find out what employees are thinking and keeping them happy. It is also a very important tool to allow team members to come up with ideas of how the company could move forward. By giving employees an outlet to make suggestions, the management team could find ways of how to cut down costs, improve customer service or increase their customer base. An Employee is an important ingredient of a businesses success, and by allowing them to come up with ideas; it could make the business more successful. 

The cloud-based platform is just the unbelievable yearly price of $49 per year, and is mobile friendly that allows the employer to gather up to 10,000 suggestions in real time.  “This product is revolutionary and can dramatically improve team productivity,” according to the CEO of Proactive Insights website.  He continues: “If I am an employee and I can say what I truly mean, and give constructive feedback without the fear of being judged or marginalized by my boss or teammates, think of how much better our projects will turn out!  That is the power of Suggestion Box.”  Suggestion Box is fast and simple to use.  Upon activating the service, the employer’s account administrator will receive a unique URL and password to a suggestion box that is fully customizable.  Once the administrator shares the URL with employees, the company will begin to receive feedback directly from its workers. 

The feedback will be housed on a secure server, and the employer will have full access to all feedback.  Suggestion Box is helpful for one-time survey data collection but is truly designed to become incorporated into the company’s culture.  “Keeping the online suggestion box available year-round offers both continuity and a chance for employees to offer additional feedback and build a climate of trust.”

To take advantage of this unique and powerful tool, please visit Suggestion Box to learn more about them and how happy, engaged employees can make a difference for your organization.

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