What makes us different from the competition?

To succeed in today’s hyper competitive environment, you need to be better by a factor of 10.

We call this... the 10 X factor.Here’s what gives our online employee engagement surveys that exponential boost to the power of 10.

1. Cost-Effective.
2. No waiting, no quotes. Just a few clicks of the mouse and start immediately.
3. Secure and completely anonymous – no cookies – no tracking.
4. Questions that relate directly to performance outcomes.
5. The option to leave narrative comments
6. Based on 30 years of research.
7. Built on the top 10 drivers of employee engagement.
8. With a simple interface that allows easy management.
9. Actionable reports that can be viewed online or exported.
10. And smart logic – Intelligent recommendations based on your overall engagement score.

The 10 X Factor

Meet Dave. He Was Once a Productive Employee at Work

So how do you stop this from happening? Simply start with administering an online, anonymous employee engagement survey. Ask them...What are the most important things they need to be more productive at work?

Employee Engagement is the number one indicator of business success. Listen to your employees on what matters most, and leverage it to maximize potential and growth.

Top 10 Drivers of Employee Engagement