1. With Proactive Insights you have complete access to all your data in real time.
2. We focus on every level of the organization and how you can make meaningful changes to the internal culture.
3. We offer a wide range of reporting solutions customized to your unique needs.


Get solutions and actionable recommendations that you can immediately use to reduce employee turnover.

Key Features

Measurement Without Targeted Action is Useless

Limitless Analysis

Instant, dynamic reports with powerful visual graphics and charts (year over year analysis)

Roll Up - Drill Down

See your organization in a whole new way. Filter data, however you want with a single click.

Variety of Reports

From individual survey, detailed management, filtered, demographic, overall employee engagement, and generalized reports with the narrative comments provided by the survey participants.

Demographic Analysis

Focus on specific demographic segments or compare them to your aggregate results

Quantitative Results

Individual scores on all 8 employee retention drivers; overall employee retention score; potential lost productivity score

Qualitative Results

Narrative comments allowing employees to clarify opinions and express themselves.

Real Time Results

As the results come in, all analytics are automatically processed in real-time and individualized reports are immediately ready to view online and export. Save - Print - Share. Employee can print off result of survey upon completion and bring to exit interview

Report Samples

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