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At Proactive Insights, our love for leadership drives who we are and what we do every day

We Enable Excellence

The products and services at Proactive Insights complement each other in a unique way to help organizations, leaders, and employees perform better, work better, and feel better. Our insights break tradition, set trends, and make history every day and all over the world. Welcome to Proactive Insights.

We offer a suite of cutting-edge online engagement and retention surveys, leadership assessments, and an anonymous employee suggestion box. In addition to our surveys and assessments, we also offer consulting, coaching, and training services to complement our online products.

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“Employee engagement surveys are necessary for any workplace that wants to achieve and retain a highly productive, competent, and motivated workforce.”

We Embrace Leadership

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Organizations around the world have awoken to the reality that most people don’t leave the job—they leave managers.

Everything starts and ends with extra Leadership and going beyond the ordinary.

Our Mission

We are laser-focused on our mission:
We strive to be the global leader in our industry with products and services built upon a passion for unleashing talent and achieving greatness.

Proactive Insights at a Glance

Over 30 years ago, the founder of Proactive Insights was thrust into a leadership position at an early age within a command and control environment. Seeking for a better way to perform, relentless research and implementation of extra leadership began.

enable excellence.

From humble beginnings, the leadership discoveries by Proactive Insights have been studied around the world and written about in more than a dozen of the top leadership books. The Proactive Insights story and proven success has become a worldwide phenomenon. Learn more at Extra Leadership.

Guiding Principles and Core Values

Our Guiding Principle "To Be Your Servant Agent"
Everything we stand for begins with our core values and guiding principle. We believe in the abundance mentality. We believe that there is more than enough of the pie to go around.
We recognize that there is much more to our "reason for being" than just profit. We strive daily to live our core values: honesty, compassion, professionalism, fairness, accountability and integrity.
With our relationships and partnerships, we ask: does this business practice similar guiding principles, core values, and stewardship? If not, we believe you have nothing.

We will not promote any thought leadership, business, or website that is unethical. At Proactive Insights, we celebrate living our core values, and when we find like-minded products and services, we want to share them with you. We call this abundance thinking, and this practice will bring all involved in the natural consequences of success and growth. Offering this service is a win-win for everyone involved with Proactive Insights.