9 Highly Effective Insights That Break the Status Quo

If you have an intense, implacable and burning desire to succeed, you will succeed despite the odds against you.

The people who are successful today, the rich and famous, the super achievers, were not born with the proverbial gold spoon in their mouth. They followed religiously nine simple, but highly effective insights that broke with traditional status quo. After applying these insights into daily action, amazing breakthroughs occurred in their personal and professional lives.

You also have the ability to make your big breakthrough. However, a word of caution, making your big break requires small steps, time and the continuous application of the break-withs (we call these “small wins”).

Remember, the ultimate secret for quantum improvement: Every breakthrough first requires a break with the old paradigms, practices, and principles that tether people and organizations to the status quo.

The steady as she goes planning will increase your odds of success tremendously. You'll find that your planning and strategy will fit the game plan very nicely as there will not be nearly as much pressure on you.

Small steps along the way will make huge strides. It's like the question, "how do you eat an elephant?" The answer, of course is: One bite at a time. Far too often, we try to take giant steps toward the goal line to speed up the process so we get there quicker. And, then in the process, we end up not succeeding because the faster we go the more behind we get and it gets harder and harder to catch up.

The Disciplined Pursuit of Small Wins

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