Proactive Insights Employee Retention report is provided at the conclusion of the Keep Me survey process. It is an actionable, comprehensive report providing recommendations and best practices on How to Keep Your Best Talent from Walking Out the Door. Based on 30 years of research, the final report provides priority actions steps and strategic considerations to help enhance your employee retention and engagement.

The Employee Retention report will drill deep into known root causes of disengagement, or the drivers for ultra-engagement, and provide with you with comprehensive list of actions you can consider.

While these action alternatives may be beneficial if you decide to implement them, there is no way of knowing for sure that they will be effective because every situation and group of people is different and requires careful consideration and planning on your part. Learn More about Guidelines for Data Analysis.

When armed with the results, your organization can then take this information and develop detailed action plans that can put you on the right track for achieving and retaining a productive, engaged workforce.


1. Proactive and Forward Looking
2. Limitless analysis and Results oriented
3. Detailed - Comprehensive report of expert analysis, best practices and suggestions
4. Actionable solutions and recommendations that matter
5. Recommendations that are aligned on 10 key factors that drive employee retention
6. Based on 30 years of research and successful implementation
7. Priority action steps - Suggestions and steps that can be taken immediately
8. Strategic considerations and Meaningful impact
9. Clarity - Providing a road map for success

Sample Reports: Learn More