Proactive Insights Employee Engagement Surveys

How It Works

1. Select a survey.
(For FREE Pulse Survey, no payment, no credit card is required. Once you register, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access your customized administrative dashboard and begin the survey process).
2. Choose how many employees to license to take the survey.
3. Complete payment by credit card or PayPal.
4. For purchase orders, email us.
5. There are no quotes or waiting. Start immediately.
6. As soon as payment is verified, the survey administrator will receive a receipt and confirmation email with instructions on how to access the customized administrative dashboard.
7. The dashboard gives the survey administrator everything needed to manage the process.
8. The next step is to email the survey link with instructions to employees.

9. We even offer suggested wording for the instructional email.
10. The survey is completely anonymous for the employee – no tracking or no cookies.
11. At their leisure, employees complete the online survey during the time period determined by the survey administrator.
12. The survey consists of questions that relate directly to performance outcomes.
13. There is an option in the survey to leave narrative comments.
14. Questions are based on 30 years of research and built around the top 10 drivers of engagement.
15. The survey has a simple interface that allows easy navigation and completion by the employee.
16. The survey stays open for 365 days or until it is ended by the survey administrator.
17. Throughout the process, the survey administrator has real-time access to participation rates.
18. The survey administrator has real-time access to all engagement scores and detailed reports with powerful visual graphs and charts.
19. Detailed reports offer the ability to drill deep and analyze.
20. Upon completion, select the “Survey Completed” button.
21. Once this occurs, all reports, narrative comments, scores, and recommendations are finalized. No further surveys can be taken.
22. The ability to view measurable results, including the overall organizational engagement score and individual score for each of the 10 drivers. All reports provide results that can be measured both quantitatively and qualitatively.
23. The survey administrator can view all reports online and export data (save, print, and even share).
24. There is an option to share all, some, or none of reports with employees.
25. Smart logic – intelligent recommendations based on overall engagement score . The Intelligence Recommendations report is built on “smart logic” that interprets the overall employee engagement score. Our logic provides unique recommendations based on each particular scoring situation.