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Proactive Insights provides consulting services throughout the process to help your organization maximize their performance by incorporating employee engagement into their overall business strategy.

We enable businesses to integrate engagement across the entire organization and find people solutions to today's complex business problems.

Our Services

Unlock Their Potential. It's Just Waiting For Your Lead.

Customized Surveys

Personalized content, questions and format. Learn More

Externally Administered Survey Process

Completely managed and conducted by Proactive Insights. Learn More

In-Depth Post Survey Analysis

Detailed interpretation of survey results and strategy planning. Learn More

Leadership Training for Managers

Equip your team with cutting-edge, extra leadership skills and tools to be better servant leaders, customer focused and inspired beacons that deliver exceptional results. Learn More

Facilitation - Focus Groups, Meetings, Problem Solving

Make your meetings creative and productive. Unlock the group's ability to contribute successfully. Learn More

Coaching - Executive and Managers

Executive and Manager coaching based on our EXtra Leadership model. Learn More

Other Services

Our engagement and leadership solutions bring need and execution together, aligning your leadership with organizational strategy, now and going forward.

Job Search / Job Postings. Coming Soon

Employee Leadership Training. Learn More

Interviews - Prehire, Stay, Exit. Contact Us to Learn More on Stay Interviews

Specific Employee Engagement Driver Analysis. Contact Us

Targeted Solutions Customized to Your Unique Situation Learn More