Stay Interviews

What Is a Stay Interview?

Unlike a job performance review, during which the employer gives the employee feedback, or exit interviews, where organizations look to find answers as an employee walks out the door, the stay interview is an opportunity for managers to ask their top talent: what can we do to make you stay? This face-to-face interview allows employees to discuss what is working for them and what changes need to be made to keep them happy and productive in the job.

Internal One-On-One Stay Interviews: The good thing is that they allow management to connect with employees on a more personal level. It gives them an opportunity to show the workforce that they are willing to listen. There is an inherent problem with this though... Employees tend to be less willing to give their true opinion to a supervisor in a meeting.

Often there is a fear of some form of punishment or retribution for saying anything out of line with the expectations of the bosses. They may not mention the fact that their immediate supervisor is ineffective or that they don't have all the necessary tools to do their job well. They may never mention anything negative at all, and conversely, won't mention what they like either.

Third Party Stay Interviews: Outside, third party stay interviews avoid this kind of situation by allowing employees to relax and answer questions honestly without fear of manager retaliation. They tend to be more open and share more of their feelings about every aspect of their job and what makes them want to stay – or what would change their mind and make them want to leave.

Keep Me (Stay) Survey: Proactive Insights offers a truly unique method of conducting stay interviews. Called the Keep Me survey, also known as a Stay Survey, it is conducted online, giving instant, anonymous results to management. It allows employers to take a proactive approach to retaining talent from a positive point of view. It is based on ten proven engagement drivers for success that are both timeless and universal. Narrative comments give management the pulse of the company – a wake-up call. A call to action that must be headed before it's too late and key employees leave.

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Stays Interviews - Successfully Increasing Employee Retention