A New Kind of Leadership Assessment - Empowering the Employee

Online 360° feedback leadership assessment where the employee is 100% in control.

360° Xplore is an employee self-administered leadership assessment which enables the individual to self-assess, and collect online confidential feedback from their choice of ten different people who have worked with them in different roles. The employee controls every step of the way. Only the employee has access to the data and results.

Option to include management participation. In the spirit of shared leadership development, the employee has the option to invite supervisors and management into any part of the process.

Not performance or compensation based. 360° Xplore is designed to empower the employee to build on strengths, harness honest feedback and enhance positive growth.

Based on the principles of continuous improvement and leadership development. Putting power in the hands of the employees - Resulting in stress-free developmental insight.

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The Proactive Insights Employee Engagement Pulse Survey is a completely free survey to check the health and well-being of your organization’s culture, climate and employees. It is a quick survey that takes 2 to 3 minutes to complete and can be conducted frequently by using the same questions. This means employees can provide valuable feedback on a regular basis and provide a baseline against which you can compare future survey results, and monitor trends. Our service is absolutely free. No credit card, no risk, no commitment. This includes unlimited Pulse surveys, unlimited employees, and full access with no expiration.

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