Why is the Pulse Survey Free?

Good question! And it deserves an equally good answer.

At Proactive Insights, our love for leadership drives who we are and what we do every day. We believe employee engagement surveys are necessary for any workplace that wants to achieve and retain a highly productive, competent, and motivated workforce.

We created the Free Employee Engagement Pulse Survey to highlight our work and help you conduct a quick survey to check the health and well-being of your organization's culture, climate and employees.

Our service is absolutely free. No credit card, no risk, no commitment. This includes unlimited Pulse surveys, unlimited employees, and full access with no expiration.

What's the catch?

We offer a truly exceptional free service, because we want to help you grow. And as you grow, and as your needs grow, we hope you'll upgrade.

Completion of the Pulse survey is the perfect stepping stone to the our Online Suggestion Box, plus our Xpress, Xtra, Xpand, and Keep Me (Stay) Employee Engagement surveys that drill deep into retention, motivation and organizational success.

We don't impose an upgrade on you. You can use it for free for as long as you like.

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