Why Employee Self-Administered?

Traditional 360s are a forced process that is initiated by a supervisor with little say or control from the employee. Here is why this doesn't work:

1. The process dis-empowers employees since the feedback is mandated or forced
2. Employee has no control in choosing the questions or selecting feedback providers
3. Communication is one-way and the feedback receiver can't follow-up
4. The process is done at pre-set intervals and therefore is not timely
5. Most of these methods use rating systems which are often demotivating
6. Feedback results are directly used to determine pay and promotion that prompts an employee's defensiveness and can block her willingness to accept criticism.

Turning 360-Degree Feedback Around by 180-Degrees

Proactive Insights Has Flipped the 360-Degree Process by 180-Degrees

Our Principles:

Effective Feedback is Key

Proactive Insights has completely re-designed the 360-degree feedback process. We have established new conditions for an effective feedback process. Conditions for effective and empowering feedback are:
1. Feedback provider is credible in the eyes of the feedback recipient
2. Feedback provider is trusted by the feedback recipient
3. Feedback is conveyed with good intentions
4. Timing and circumstances of giving the feedback are appropriate
5. Feedback is given in an interactive manner, i.e. the receiver can ask for clarifications
6. Feedback message is clear
7. Feedback is helpful to recipient

Empowering the Employee to Initiate and Gather Feedback

Proactive Insights puts the power in the hands of the employee, where they ask for feedback when they need it, rather than the supervisors giving them feedback at pre-set intervals, such as during performance review period.

When employees are responsible for initiating and gathering their own feedback, they request it from credible people they trust and that have good intentions. Also, it's more likely that the feedback will be timely and helpful. Furthermore, since the employee is asking for feedback, they are likely to be more open to discussing the feedback received and making sure the feedback is clear.

With Proactive Insights 360° Xplore, since the employee asks for feedback, it's much easier to accept criticism compared to when the feedback is dropped on the person involuntarily. Also, research shows that feedback can be demotivating if employees feel that they are being controlled and it ruins the feeling of autonomy. When employees are responsible for gathering their own feedback, the controlling problem associated with 360-feedback no longer exists. Delay in feedback also decreases, as they no longer have to wait six months or a year to receive the feedback they need to improve.

Building on the Principles of Continuous Improvement and Leadership Development

Traditional 360 Feedback processes are focused more on finding weaknesses and suggesting areas of improvements. Leadership experts have found that building on strengths is a far more fruitful strategy that trying to correct weaknesses.

Apart from giving the employee the power and tools to request feedback whenever they need, it's also important to decouple feedback from pay, promotion, or demotion. When the employee knows that the feedback will be used for their employment decisions and stored in their employment file, they become defensive and shuts off their willingness to listen and adjust.

The Paradigm Shift - Turning 360-Degree Feedback Around by 180-Degrees

Proactive Insights has completely re-designed the 360-degree feedback process. Empowering the Employee:

1. Where the employee is 100% in control
2. Employee self-administered (not management)
3. Choice on who provides the feedback
4. Laser sharp feedback questions based on proven leadership competencies
5. Ownership by the employee. All feedback and data received is private and used for self-development purposes only, and only shared with managers upon invitation

Proactive Insights 360° Xplore empowers the employee the power to initiate and control the 360 feedback process. If the end goal of a feedback process is to give the employee the information they need to improve, it makes more sense to give them the control and power to initiate and collect their own feedback.

360 Xplore is a powerful tool with an important purpose - to harness the power of honest feedback to identify weakness and develop skills, leadership competencies and behaviors.

Final Thoughts - Every Employee is a Leader

Every employee is a leader - if you work from this philosophy, everything changes for the positive. Empower, trust, and passionately support your employees (all employees are also leaders) and learning can happen. It is in that space of learning that a leader can develop those short- and long-term future capabilities that the complex and uncertain landscape we work in demands.

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