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The Proactive Insights anonymous Employee Online Suggestion Box is an offering to all employees, allowing your staff to provide you with critical feedback and ideas in an honest and anonymous fashion. How it works: You receive a unique URL and password to your box that you can give out to anyone who should give anonymous feedback. You can access all of your responses at any time by logging into your Suggestion Box account.

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How It Works

Proactive Insights hosts the online Suggestion Box platform on behalf of the employer. Upon activation of the Suggestion Box service, the administrator receives a mobile friendly URL and password to a customized suggestion box that can be shared with employees as a platform to provide anonymous feedback.

Feedback submitted remains completely anonymous – There is no tracking – no cookies. Employees have unlimited access and participation is voluntary.

When feedback is received, the administrator is notified by email by Proactive Insights, and has access to all anonymous feedback via a secure, password protected account.

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Key Features

Just $49 Yearly Subscription

Online Suggestion Box

Completely Anonymous – No Tracking – No Cookies

Unlimited Employees – Unlimited Access

Virtually Unlimited Feedback (Receive up to 10,000 suggestions per year)

Real Time Analytics

Email notification to account administrator when suggestion is posted

Aggregate Reporting

Additional Features

1. Easy Set Up – just a few clicks of the mouse
2. Custom URL and Password
3. Secure and Private
4. Mobile Friendly
5. Custom Dashboard for Administrator to Manage & View Anonymous Suggestions and Reports
6. Actionable Reports
7. Employee Email Templates
8. Incorporate Suggestion Box Link on Your Intranet
9. Great Stepping Stone after Administering an Engagement Survey to Continue Listening to Your Employees

Other Features

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Why Anonymous Feedback?

No matter how much you ask your group for candid feedback, there are things nobody says face to face, much less to the person who is paying his wages. Enabling people to give truly anonymous feedback lets you hear the real things that people are thinking.