Proactive Insights Helps Employees and Companies Reach Goals

NEW YORK, NY (July 01, 2020) – Proactive Insights has announced the upcoming opening of their website, which will help both employees and businesses to become more efficient and happy in an ever-changing economic landscape.

Proactive Insights understands that employee engagement is essential to making any company a success. According to studies, disengaged employees cost organizations over half a trillion dollars in lost productivity every year. Unsatisfied workers are generally prone to complaining, which can lead to a loss of morale. In addition, unhappy employees tend to take sick days more and miss deadlines, which can undermine the work others are doing.

In order to combat this problem, Proactive Insights has developed a series of detailed online surveys which will anonymously and safely collect feedback from employees to see how happy one's workforce is on the job. Detailed reports can be viewed online or exported. Intelligent recommendations are also supplied at the end of the survey process. The recommendations are based on smart logic and provide unique, actionable information depending on the overall engagement score. When armed with the results, organizations can then take this information and develop detailed action plans that can put them back on the path to success.

There are many benefits to ensuring one’s employees are satisfied with their working situation. They fully embrace the mission and goals of their company and work hard to ensure success. They also understand their place within the organization and how they affect the whole.

Proactive Insights’ surveys and reports are based on proven engagement drivers uncovered from three decades’ worth of research. These surveys and reports are easy to use and cost as little as ten dollars per employee. Surveys can be set up with a few clicks of the mouse, and they are completely anonymous. There is no waiting , tracking, or any cookies associated with surveys. Survey takers also have the option to leave narrative comments.

To take advantage of this unique and powerful tool, please visit to learn more about them and how happy, engaged employees can make a difference for your organization.

Proactive Insights