Employee Exit Survey|Discover Why Employees Leave

Automate your Exit survey process with Proactive Insights powerful web based system. Our Exit survey provides quantitative insight into why employees are leaving and identifies issues to address in order to:
1. Reduce turnover
2. Improve company culture
3. Improve performance
4. Improve employee engagement
This online exit survey is preconfigured with Proactive Insights' revolutionary content, which is based on over 30 years of research into why people leave organizations.

Key Features


Cost effective – Yearly subscription


Start immediately: No quotes – No waiting


Over 50 probing questions and narrative comment boxes


Based on 8 proven retention drivers


Collect responses online – Mobile friendly


Employee has option to print results of survey for exit interview


Secure, option for anonymity - No tracking – No cookies


Fast accurate feedback - Real time reporting

Additional Features

1. Intelligent insights with powerful predictive analytics
2. Roll up – drill down
3. Year over year analysis and reports option
4. Narrative comments
5. Powerful visual graphs and charts
6. View online - share - print - save as PDF
7. 100% Web-based software – You never have to install or update software, ever
8. Exit Survey Reporting and Analytics – Learn More

All packages are valid for 1 year from time of purchase. You may extend your package by purchasing multiple years or renewing before expiry. Renewal also allows you to have access to past years survey data and create custom reports with year over year analysis and trends.

Exit Survey – Discover Why Employees Leave Special Report

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Using an Online Exit Survey Special Report

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Other Features

These FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions and Answers) are designed to provide a better understanding of the survey process. Learn More

Delivering answers to the biggest questions on Employee Engagement. Learn More

Bottom-line impact – Costing over half a trillion dollars a year in lost productivity. Learn More


Our online employee exit survey can help you determine why they are leaving and what you can do to increase retention. Exit surveys are a highly effective way for organizations and managers to learn firsthand from those who have chosen to work elsewhere just exactly what the organization could have done better that may have increased the chances of retaining the employee.

Proactive Insights Xit survey leads exiting employees through a set of structured questions to uncover the underlying organizational factors that caused them to leave.

By tracking the factors that influence an employee to leave, employers can take the necessary steps to improve organizational processes to minimize future loss of key employees.