Proactive Insights Announces Release of New Employee Engagement Pulse Survey

NEW YORK, NY (April 1, 2020) – Proactive Insights launches new pulse survey that is completely free, allowing companies to check the health and well-being of their organization's culture, climate and through employee feedback.

Proactive Insights has recently debuted their all-new free Employee Engagement Pulse Survey. This dynamic survey takes 2 to 3 minutes to complete and can be conducted frequently by using the same set of questions. The new pulse survey is offered to employees of a company to better gauge and evaluate employee satisfaction, productivity, and overall attitude. Given periodically, it allows clients to follow up with more comprehensive employee engagement surveys.

The Employee Engagement Pulse Survey keeps names confidential so employees can be open and honest with their answers – allowing management at varying levels to get a sense of the “health" of the company regarding the employees working within it. Employees can provide valuable feedback on a regular basis and provide a baseline against which clients can compare future survey results and monitor trends.

Proactive Insights is offering this service absolutely free, with no credit card required, no risk and no commitment from their clients. This includes unlimited pulse surveys, unlimited employees, and full access with no expiration.

"We offer a truly exceptional free service, because we want to help our clients grow, and as they grow, and their needs grow, we will help them upgrade," states the CEO for Proactive Insights. "What makes us stand out is we don’t impose an upgrade on our clients. They have the ability to use it for free for as long as they like."

The pulse survey which aims to indicate, was developed by Proactive Insights to providing an accurate evaluation regarding employee issues such as job satisfaction, work environment, and pay satisfaction. This allows clients to track the trend between major surveys — getting an immediate guide for how their actions are making an impact and allowing clients to achieve overall growth and development for years to come.

About the company:

At Proactive Insights, their love for leadership drives who they are and what they do every day. It's their belief that employee engagement surveys are necessary for any workplace that wants to not only achieve but retain a highly productive, competent, and motivated workforce. They developed the free Employee Engagement Pulse Survey in early 2015, to highlight their own work and help companies conduct a quick survey to check the health and well-being of their own organization’s culture, climate and employees.

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