Revolutionary Employee Exit Survey with Predictive Analytics Helps Employers Learn Why Employees Leave

NEW YORK, NY (March 02, 2020) – Proactive Insights gives employers the opportunity to automate their exit survey process with powerful web-based system.

One of the biggest challenges a company has to face is a high turnover of employees. When a company has a high turnover it can have a serious affect on their business. With the cost of advertising for replacements and training them, and the effect it has on a business when an important role is vacant, it is important to solve that problem. Thanks to the Revolutionary Employee Exit Survey, business leaders can learn why Employees leave so they can learn how to keep hold of key players and reduce the cost of replacing them.

The new Proactive Insights Exit survey identifies issues and provides insight into why employees are leaving. Its goal is to reduce turnover, improve the culture and performance of the company, as well as employee engagement. The success of the online exit survey is guaranteed by revolutionary content, which is based on more than 30 years of research.

Proactive Insights Exit survey is an effective way for managers and organizations to learn what changes should be made in the business to increase employees' retention. This survey leads employees who are determined to exit through a set of structured questions created to uncover the underlying organizational factors that provoke them to leave and eventually eliminate these negative causes.

This will help employers to take all the necessary steps needed for organizational process improvement that will result in minimizing the future loss of key employees.

Some of the multiple advantages that make Proactive Insights Exit survey a preferred product for any business are:

1. The price per annual subscription is affordable, starting from as little as $50 a year for ten exit surveys.
2. This product is mobile friendly allowing users to collect the responses online starting right away.
3. The survey results can be printed, saved as a PDF file, shared or viewed online. Real-time reporting and accurate feedback is received.
4. The software is 100% web-based, and Exit Survey Reporting and Analytics are provided without the need to update or install software.

Customers can use all packages for one year after their purchase. They may extend their package by purchasing multiple years at once or renewing it before the expiry. Renewal will allow them to gain access to survey data gathered during the previous years and create custom reports with year over year analysis and trends.

To take advantage of this unique and powerful tool, please visit to learn more about them and how happy, engaged employees can make a difference for your organization.

About Revolutionary Employee Exit Survey
The Revolutionary Employee Exit Survey will help employees learn why they are losing key players and help them to reduce the number of people who leave their business.

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