Proactive Insights Announces Free Employee Self-Administered 360° Feedback Program Release Online

NEW YORK, NY (January 27, 2020) – First of Its Kind Revolutionary Leadership Assessment Program Empowers Employees

New York-based Proactive Insights ( announces release of first of its kind revolutionary new leadership assessment program that is self-administered by employees. The program, 360º Xplore, an online 360-degree leadership feedback survey based assessment, empowers employees to take charge of their career and self-manage.

At the end of the process, employees are provided with a personal leadership development plan, which allows for personalized priority action steps and strategic considerations to help them enhance their professional and personal development.

Proactive Insights, which offers consulting, coaching and training services to complement their online products, created the program which enables the individual to self-assess while collecting online confidential feedback from their choice of ten different people who have worked directly with them in different roles. In this way, the employee controls the assessment every step of the way with only the employee having access to the data and results.

Designed to empower the employee to build on strengths, harness honest feedback and enhance positive growth, the results are not performance or compensation based. Employees have the option to invite supervisors and management into the process at any time. Thus, the results are more stress-free developmental insights.

Some of the key features of this new globally free software service include: immediate start up, a simple mobile friendly user interface, a custom dashboard for the employee to view reports online, share, print, save and export, and meaningful analytics that are aggregated, segmented, and in real-time. The software is 100% web-based so users have no need to install it or be subjected to a constant barrage of updates or upgrades. Nor are they in need of a credit card as there is no risk and no commitment.

The assessment, which is based on ten different proven leadership competency profiles, takes only 5-10 minutes to complete. Users have access to complete an employee self-assessment and are given 10 licenses for raters to provide feedback.

Proactive Insights products and services are made to complement each other in a unique way in order to help organizations, leaders, and employees perform better, work better, and feel better.

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