Based on Predictive Modeling, Proactive Insights' Employee Engagement and Keep Me Surveys provides predictive analytics and actionable solutions by uncovering critical engagement factors that drive performance in your organization - and predicting how powerful they can be when their impact on business is quantified.

By uncovering patterns and forecasting trends in a changeable employment world, this powerful survey tool provides HR leaders with people intelligence and powerful forward looking insights.

1. Turnover Modelling
2. Talent Forecasting
3. Targeted Retention
4. Recruitment Campaigns
5. Employee Profiles

Predictive analytics is about detecting patterns in the data where you have a lot of data, but the information in that data is limited.

In effect, the data is very "noisy". Predictive analytics cuts through the noise, it helps you find that jewel hidden in a mound of sand. Our predictive analytics is about sifting through that noise and that pattern in that data. We cut through that noise.

How does Proactive Insights Predictive Analytics work?

Wouldn't it be great if someone told you the exact steps to take to build a successful business? Patterns that are uncovered in your employee engagement survey can indicate what will - and won't - contribute to your business' growth. Our surveys and reports provide critical intelligence and actionable insights that will allow you to reduce costly guesswork by understanding, and leveraging, what's most important.

A) Our survey questions are built on predictive modeling. We collect the right data because we ask the right questions. Our questions are based on 10 proven engagement drivers uncovered from three decades' worth of research that are statistically validated and benchmarked.

B) We harness predictive modeling to create a statistical model of future employee engagement behavior. Our drivers and questions are based on a number of predictors, also known as variable factors, that research has determined are likely to influence future behavior or results.

Predictive Employee Engagement Measurement

Proactive Insights measures employee engagement with key drivers (e.g., communication, wellness, trust, clarity, recognition, progress, etc.) and numerically quantifies the impact each driver has on employee engagement and retention. We provide limitless analysis with hundreds of actionable reports with powerful visual graphs and charts - view online - share - print - save as PDF. Results and comparisons including demographic breakouts, open ended narrative and quantitative results.

As a result of this approach, you can predict with reasonable accuracy and reliability how you should prioritize initiatives to improve employee engagement and retention.

We Go Further - We provide you with Actionable Recommendations

At the conclusion of the survey process, we analyze your results to uncover key insights, identify top priorities for improvement and provide a detailed report for you and your leadership team. Our Intelligent Recommendations Report is provided at the conclusion of the survey process.

It is an actionable, detailed final report with customized recommendations unique to your 10 engagement driver scores. Based on years of research, the final report provides priority actions steps and strategic considerations to help increase your productivity and bottom line.

Our Differentiators

1. Collecting the right quantity and quality of data
2. Built on a robust model that engages predictive analysis of the data
3. Providing a final, customized report to ensure those doing the interpreting have the right contextual knowledge