Frequently Asked Questions

What is Suggestion Box?

The Proactive Insights Online Anonymous Suggestion Box is an offering to employers wishing to receive critical feedback and ideas from their employees in an honest and secure fashion. Proactive Insights hosts the Suggestion Box platform on behalf of the employer and allows administrative access to the anonymized suggestions from a customized dashboard.

Is it really anonymous?

Yes! The feedback that is submitted via the Suggestion Box is completely anonymous - no tracking, no cookies.

How does it work?

Upon activation of the Suggestion Box service, the administrator receives a unique URL and password to a customized suggestion box that can be shared with employees as a platform to provide anonymous feedback. When feedback is received, the administrator is notified by email by Proactive Insights, and has access to all anonymous feedback via a secure, password protected account.

How do I share the unique URL with employees?

You can share the unique Suggestion Box URL with employees through a multitude of channels including internal email, newsletters, intranet postings, flyers, posters, etc. One word of caution, publicly advertising or posting this unique URL may solicit feedback from non-employees.

Do I need special software?

No, this service works on any browser (we are mobile friendly), there is no software to download or install.

How much does is cost?

Suggestion Box can be purchased, or renewed at a cost of $49 dollars per year.

Why should I extend?

Keeping the online suggestion box available to your employees after the survey process is completed offers both continuity, and a chance for them to provide additional feedback at a later date - sometimes months or years later.

How do I access the feedback I receive?

You can access all of your responses at any time by logging into your Suggestion Box account.

Why anonymous feedback?

No matter how much you ask your group for candid feedback, there are things nobody says face to face, much less to the person who is paying his wages. Enabling people to give truly anonymous feedback lets you hear the real things that people are thinking.

How does the Suggestion Box drive employee engagement?

One of the primary drivers of employee engagement is based on the principle that "opinions matter". Employees want to be heard - they want to share their ideas and feedback. Proactive Insights' anonymous Suggestion Box is another means for the organization to show genuine concern and resolve in reaching out and listening to their employee's feedback.

Get private feedback from your employees. Employers can use Proactive Insights to retain one of their most valuable assets.... their employees.

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