PProactive Insights' 360° feedback questions are based on 10 key leadership competency profiles that reflect the skills, abilities, and characteristics that are needed to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. Our questions are statistically validated and benchmarked so you can be confident that you are measuring the things that drive individual and organizational leadership.

We believe assessment results must be actionable and the questions must focus on the right areas to generate responses. To few questions leave you with more queries than answers. We strive to identify gaps, opportunities, and what is specifically driving leadership results.

Leadership Competencies

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Our assessment covers a broad range of specific, actionable issues related to leadership

1. Questionnaires are based on a 5 point rating scale
2. Order of questions are set to ensure accurate measurement of leadership
3. The right number of questions are asked - getting right to the point on each of the 10 leadership competencies
4. Wording is clear, concise and short
5. Option to leave narrative comments - allowing participants to clarify feedback and express themselves

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