To bridge the leadership gap, a Personal Leadership Development Plan is provided at the conclusion of the 360° feedback process. It is an actionable tool that can be used to identify, organize and plan your development. The Personal Leadership Development Plan can be customized to your unique situation. Based on smart logic and 30 years of research, this leadership plan allows for personalized priority actions steps and strategic considerations to help enhance your professional and personal development.

The Personal Leadership Development Plan outlines what career goals you want to accomplish, and what steps you can take to meet those goals. The plan allows you to drill deep into known root causes of ineffective leadership and drivers for ultra-employee engagement.

We also provide with you with comprehensive list of extra leadership competencies (skills, abilities, characteristics) you can consider during the planning process.

Our Personal Leadership Development Plan is a powerful tool with an important purpose - to harness the power of honest feedback to identify weakness and develop skills, leadership competencies and behaviors.

When armed with the results, you can then take this information and develop detailed action plans that can put you on the right track for enhancing your leadership skills, competencies and behaviors for the purposes of continuous improvement.


1. Based on smart logic technology
2. Customizable plan - Unique to your overall leadership assessment situation and score
3. Powered by limitless analysis
4. Results oriented
5. Empowering the employee to take charge of their career development
6. Planning that is aligned on 10 key leadership competencies
7. Based on 30 years of research and successful implementation
8. Priority action steps - Steps that can be taken immediately
9. Strategic considerations and meaningful impact
10. Clarity - Providing a road map for success

Extra Leadership Competencies
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Engagement Drivers

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Intelligent Recommendations
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